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Primitif Aventure

Enjoy your polar adventure with our primitive dogs throughout the northern landscape of Finland, in Lapland.
Chose outdoor activities that best suit your style, ranging from easy-going family camps to more challenging excursions.  No worries, you will be escorted by experienced guides at all times !
You may also customize your vacations with themes, such as family, sciences, or other.  Just share your project with us, and we’ll help make your dreams come true.
Primitif Aventure aims at connecting back with nature, living in harmony with wildlife, through a simple and respectful way of life.
Our camp is located 4 Km East from the airport and 7 Km South from Ivalo, about 300 Km North of the Arctic Circle, near Inari Lake, a jewel of Lapland.
As our guest, you will be accommodated in a typical Nordic lodge.